Assisting your Practice with MIPS
Assisting your Practice with MIPS
We can help you with the roadmap and directions for maximizing your reimbursement under MIPS.
Receive a FREE diagnostic report for your practice.
Receive a FREE diagnostic report for your practice
We'll review your accounts receivable to determine the effectiveness of your collections process and identify opportunities for improvement.
Earn more of the
money that's being spent in your market.
Earn more money
Self-insured employers pay for third-party administrative services. Your physician organization can capture that revenue.
Would you rather practice medicine, or manage a medical practice?
Practice medicine, or manage a medical practice?
We can help you keep the business of your practice running smoothly and profitably so that you can focus on patient care.
Leverage the power of your physician organization.
Leverage the power of your physician organization.
We know how to help physician organizations make more money and stay ahead of trends like MIPS.

Staff Profiles

Rhonda Smith 

Rhonda Smith joined Joel S. Duhl, Inc. in 2004.  She is the procedural and organizational backbone of the company.  Her impeccable attention to detail makes her the perfect fit for her role.

As the Network Coordinator for two physician organizations, Rhonda ensures that all physicians within the groups managed by Joel S. Duhl are properly credentialed and documented with all payors.  She makes sure that membership lists are up to date so that provider claims can be processed properly and efficiently.

Rhonda also coordinates access to the continuing education programs offered by the company.  She assists with online access, and also manages all the details associated with workshops or programs facilitated by Joel S. Duhl for ongoing education.

She coordinates communication with physician groups to ensure that they are kept up-to-date on coding changes, payor changes and more. 

Rhonda is well suited to this work, having come from a legal background.  Her attention to detail and focus on process are essential in the highly regulated medical field.

She earned an Associate of Science degree from Macomb Community College in Michigan, and an Associate of Arts degree from Daytona State College in Florida.  She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from Daytona State College.


Robin Becker

Robin joined the Joel S. Duhl team in May of 2006.  She is extremely well versed in many aspects of our work, and is a valuable team member for several of our services.

Robin spends much of her time on Resolve Health Plan Administrators.  She oversees the vendors who provide services for Resolve, to ensure that those services are completed efficiently and timely.  She ensures that all of the systems are set up correctly so that care providers can be reimbursed promptly and accurately for their services.   She is the liaison between clients and Resolve if there are any questions or areas that need to be addressed.

Robin also manages our online education program for providers and certified coders across the country.  She ensures that our courses qualify for appropriate CEU credits, and answers any questions or inquiries from our users. 

Our services include physician practice management, and Robin is the primary assistant with one of our larger physician organizations in the northeastern United States.  She oversees much of the communication with the organization, and is also the intermediary with insurance companies when there are questions or changes related to physician reimbursement. 

Prior to working at Joel S. Duhl, Robin gained personal experience in a provider’s office, handling insurance billing for an optometry and cataract center.  There she cultivated her laser-focused attention to detail, which is an essential skill set for all of her roles at Joel S. Duhl.

Robin holds an Associate in Applied Science degree from Daytona State College in Florida. 


Clayton Duhl, MLIS, CPC-A, CCE

Clayton began his career with Joel S. Duhl in May of 2009.  He is highly analytical, and provides detailed support for our physician groups as they implement quality control and value based reimbursement systems instituted by payors (primarily Medicare). 

Clayton has worked for many years with providers and management in Accountable Care Organizations.  He provides valuable education to practice members so that they fully understand, accurately implement, and comply with the myriad reporting requirements of an ACO.  He also works with practices to help them understand their patient population and the steps required to maximize reimbursement for the care they provide.

He is deeply knowledgeable about the Patient-Centered Medical Home initiative.  As an NCQA Certified Content Expert on this initiative, he helps practices prepare for and implement the necessary systems to effectively participate in this program and receive recognition as qualified participants.

Clayton also brings expertise in the realm of Quality Payment Programs and Merit-Based Incentive Payment System.  He helps practices evaluate electronic systems and make the right choice based on their needs. 

Clayton’s professional career is built on a research foundation.  He worked in both public and academic libraries as a reference librarian, helping people find trustworthy information to complete projects of either a professional or personal nature.  His inquiring mind and sharp analytical skills make him the perfect fit for the complex and demanding world of practice management.

Clayton earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  He is fluent in both written and spoken Spanish.  He went on to earn a Master’s in Library and Information Science from Florida State University.   In addition, Clayton is a Certified Professional Coder (Apprentice) and previously held the position of Vice President for the Daytona Beach chapter of The American Academy of Professional Coders.


Lisa M. Siple

Lisa joined Joel S. Duhl in June of 2015.  She is another member of the team with an eagle eye for detail, which is essential in her role. 

Lisa acts as a liaison between member practices of a Southeastern ACO and Joel S. Duhl’s office.  She ensures that regular meetings and communication take place; she provides reports to be analyzed each month; and she ensures that all patient records are kept up to date. 

Lisa also organizes appropriate seminars and workshops for the ACO members, and ensures that the attendees receive their continuing education credit where appropriate. 

Lisa’s past experience made her a perfect fit for this detail-oriented role.  Prior to joining the Joel S. Duhl team, she worked for a healthcare management company.  Her primary responsibilities were to reconcile bank statements and account disputes, so she is very familiar with the ins and outs of tracking payments between payors and providers.

Lisa received a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding from Sanford-Brown College in Jacksonville, Florida.  She also worked in direct patient care as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) before transferring to the management side of patient care.