Assisting your Practice with MIPS
Assisting your Practice with MIPS
We can help you with the roadmap and directions for maximizing your reimbursement under MIPS.
Receive a FREE diagnostic report for your practice.
Receive a FREE diagnostic report for your practice
We'll review your accounts receivable to determine the effectiveness of your collections process and identify opportunities for improvement.
Earn more of the
money that's being spent in your market.
Earn more money
Self-insured employers pay for third-party administrative services. Your physician organization can capture that revenue.
Would you rather practice medicine, or manage a medical practice?
Practice medicine, or manage a medical practice?
We can help you keep the business of your practice running smoothly and profitably so that you can focus on patient care.
Leverage the power of your physician organization.
Leverage the power of your physician organization.
We know how to help physician organizations make more money and stay ahead of trends like MIPS.

Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Services

The MIPS program requires a well-prepared strategy to successfully report to CMS; maximize potential incentive money; and avoid potential penalties or adjustments on reimbursement for failure to report. Our services listed below can help your practice develop a plan to be successful with this program.

Consulting and Planning Services

  • Assist in determining provider/practice participation eligibility status.
  • Assist in determining any potential hardships.
  • Help identify and select reporting options for practice. Assess all available options and their potential cost for each category. Please note, there are four measurement performance categories in MIPS. The Advancing Care Information category (formerly referred to as Meaningful Use) requires use of Certified EHR Technology. Refer to the ‘Additional Services…’ section of this page if the practice does not currently use a Certified EHR Technology.
  • Help ensure current EHR is certified and identify any updates, add-ons, plug-ins or other technologies that may be required to be successful.

MIPS Category Measure Assistance

  • Jointly develop an action plan to achieve success in all MIPS categories.
  • Help identify measures for each MIPS Category (e.g. Quality, Improvement Activities, Advancing Care Information and Cost).
  • Ensure that your vendor’s EHR implementation and training plan supports accurate and compliant reporting of MIPS.
  • Assist in documenting that your practice has successfully reported MIPS.

Functional Interoperability and Health Information Exchange (HIE) Services

  • Help review potential interoperability opportunities in community and identify potential costs.

Privacy and Security

  • Suggest resources to help practice address any privacy or security needs.

Additional Services If You Do Not Have an EHR System

We provide the following services to physicians or organizations who have not chosen their EHR system. These steps help you select and implement the right system for your needs.

Vendor Selection and Management Services

  • Assist in identifying an IT services vendor.
  • Help narrow down vendor options and assist in the vendor product demonstration process.
  • Help practice evaluate demos and select vendor of choice.
  • Ensure that your vendor contract includes recommended language.

EHR Implementation Assistance

  • Work with your practice’s EHR project leader and your vendor to develop a mutually agreed-upon implementation plan.