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  • Assisting your Practice
    with MIPS
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    We can help you with the roadmap and directions for maximizing your reimbursement under MIPS.
  • Receive a FREE diagnostic
    report for your practice.
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    We'll review your accounts receivable to determine the effectiveness of your collections process and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Would you rather practice
    medicine, or manage a
    medical practice?
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    We can help you keep the business of your practice running smoothly and profitably so that you can focus on patient care.
  • Leverage the power of
    your physician organization.
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    We know how to help physician organizations make more money and stay ahead of trends like MIPS.
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Individual Practice Management

The Power of Knowledge

It's not easy to manage the business side of a physician practice when you're barely able to see all the patients in any given day.

Joel S. Duhl, Inc. can keep the business side of things running smoothly. We help you with business and financial planning. We arrange group purchasing programs for practices that use our services. We'll also dive into your accounts receivable to help you:

  • prevent costly write-offs
  • improve cash flow
  • ensure claims are received and processed
  • price your services competitively
We invite you to contact us for your FREE diagnostic report that will determine the effectiveness of your collections process and identify opportunities for improvement. You can also learn more about these services through our brochure.
We help physicians eliminate the most common problems that drain cash from a practice. We do this by preventing costly write-offs, improving cash flow, ensuring claims are received and processed, and pricing your services competitively.

If you would like a financial check-up for your practice, please contact us about our FREE diagnostic report. You can learn more about all of our A/R Management Services and find out what your peers say about us by downloading our brochure.
A good business plan, in conjunction with a solid financial plan, is the key to obtaining and maintaining the services you need to keep your business running. Any well-run business has a plan for how it will grow, add services, remain competitive, attract new customers, increase profits and stay afloat. We'll ask you the right questions to help you plan for the future.

The ins and outs of cash flow in a medical practice are more complicated than most businesses, given the sheer number of participants in any transaction. That makes financial planning even more important, not less. Whether you need financing to start up a new practice, a line of credit to smooth the path between receivables and payables, or help figuring out how to make your cash inflow meet your cash outgo, we have the skills and tools to help you achieve your goals.
We will help coordinate group purchasing terms for items such as malpractice insurance coverage, office supplies, medical supplies, and other materials as requested. Often we are able to secure even greater discounts by offering programs to all of our participating physician organizations.
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