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  • Assisting your Practice
    with MIPS
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    We can help you with the roadmap and directions for maximizing your reimbursement under MIPS.
  • Receive a FREE diagnostic
    report for your practice.
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    We'll review your accounts receivable to determine the effectiveness of your collections process and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Would you rather practice
    medicine, or manage a
    medical practice?
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    We can help you keep the business of your practice running smoothly and profitably so that you can focus on patient care.
  • Leverage the power of
    your physician organization.
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    We know how to help physician organizations make more money and stay ahead of trends like MIPS.
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IPA/ACO Management

Maximize Your Income

A physician organization or ACO exists for three primary reasons: to enhance the profitability of each organization member, to help improve quality, and to help the organization to meet its mission and goals.

Those are great goals…if you achieve them. Unfortunately, many IPAs, PHOs, or ACOs have no clear idea what to do and how to do it once they're formed. That's where we can help.

We manage multiple provider organizations on the east coast, and help them achieve the goals they've set for themselves. We focus special attention on practical tools and education to improve profitability and simplify contracting. We also stay on top of "what's next" so that your organization is well-positioned for the future.
Stay Current on Key Issues

Major changes are coming in the medical world. Topics such as accountable care organizations and MIPS are important to know about if you run a physician organization or individual practice.

Joel S.Duhl, Inc. provides information, guidelines and educational presentations to help providers make smart choices about important issues such as these. Contact us to learn more.

Diversify Your Services

We can also help you set up a third-party administrator (TPA) that will provide additional revenue to your organization through the processing of insurance claims. Learn more about Resolve Health Plan Administrators and how it can position your organization for success.

Note: we recommend that your organization also retain legal representation, since Joel S. Duhl, Inc. does not provide legal advice.
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